We will offer the best solution of electronics product and digital IT product.


Shinsei continues to provide a wide variety of highly competitive electronic components and materials related to display devices, e.g. LCD,PDP,OLED, to major electronic and technology companies. Shinsei invested a large amount of financial and human resources in IT products. As a result of these investments, Shinsei successfully created and developed the One-segment Mobile Broadcasting Tuner in Japan in 2006

In January of 2009, we successfully developed Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal. For two years, Shinsei lead the way in Japan in R&D、and was the first corporation to create Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal. UQ Communication Inc. approved and authorized our Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal for distribution throughout Japan.

We aspire to expand into new global business relationships toward the next generation 

Business introduction

Digital IT Products

Digital IT Products
Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal,
One-segment Mobile Broadcasting Tuner,
Micro Projector, Iris Identification System.
Developing the future for the next generation of solutions, data communications, PC peripherals, and Biometrics security system.

Electronic Components

Electronic Components
Motor, PCB,CCFL electrode, IC, transformer, electronic parts, module.
Supporting your future business with the latest technology.

Structural Parts Mold

Structural Parts Mold
Injection molds and molded parts,
Precision mold, outward plastic mold, pressing mold, and second processing.
Shinsei is able to respond to our customers' needs with advanced and sophisticated technologies.
Especially Shinsei supplies cooling fans for PC to Japanese leading electronics companies and world market shear is approximately 30%.

Textile and Sundries

Textile and Sundries
T-shirts, socks, imported sundries,
Hane’s & Champion brand-name socks and underwears, other textile products.
This might already be a part of your life.

Shinsei Corporation
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