We will offer the best solution of electronics product and digital IT product.


President greeting

President Toshiro Ohigashi

Shinsei provides a wide range of optimal components and materials for digital-related products to major electronic and technology companies.

Shinsei is working to develop a new field of superior IT and digital products. In 2006, we successfully launched One-segment mobile broadcasting tuner.

Prior to this, we developed digital audio, DMP, and PMP.

In January of 2009, we successfully developed Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal. For two years, Shinsei leads the way in Japan in R&D、and was the first corporation to create Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal. UQ Communication Inc. approved and authorized our Mobile WiMAX Data Communication Terminal for distribution throughout Japan.

Our goal is to enhance and improve quality while aiming to create innovative global solutions in order to promote mutual prosperity with our valuable customers during these difficult economic conditions. We appreciate your continued support.

President Toshiro Ohigashi

Shinsei Corporation
4F Kyowa No.15 Bldg., 2-5-8 Nishikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0065, JAPAN