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Shinsei Corporation is mainly involved in trading electronic components throughout Asia. Shinsei recognizes the importance of implementing responsible global environmental conservation strategies to prevent pollution and other environmentally harmful practices. We are committed to implementing an environmentally friendly policy in all of our business operations.

Environmental policy

  • Establish environmental objectives and targets to accurately identify the environmental aspects of our business. Having a clear and concise understanding of possible negative effects our business activities may have on the environment. Furthermore, we are committed to taking the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate any harmful environmental effects our business may cause. We are constantly checking and evaluating our business practices to ensure our environmentally friendly policy stays up to date with current environmental issues.
  • Strive the energy conservation for prevention of global warming and exhaustion of the resource by reducing the consumption in electricity, gas and water, by reducing the use of vehicle and introducing low-pollution vehicle.
  • Maintain strict control on paper usage. We recycle all paper materials. We have a strict waste disposal system where nothing that is recyclable is ever thrown out as trash
  • Strive the efficient utilization of resources by reusing and recycling of waste and its proper waste disposal wherever possible. .
  • Reduce the amount of potential environmentally hazardous substances. Also, working with our business partners and associates to follow a similar environmentally friendly policy.
  • Complete compliance with all Japanese and International regulations relating to environmental protection.
  • Establish an environmental management system which involves employee training and in-service seminars on how to conduct business in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Communicate this environmental policy to all employees, all business partners and the public.

December 25,2006
Toshiro Ohigash
Shinsei Corporation

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